Dyslexia Information

1. During the 2020-2021 school year, the Valley Springs School District used The Barton Reading and Spelling System in small group intervention to address the deficit areas of students identified as exhibiting the characteristics of dyslexia. The Barton Reading & Spelling System incorporates the findings of that research.

  • The Barton System addresses the areas of difficulty for reading acquisition beginning with the smallest units of spoken sound. It then builds on that foundation to attach those sounds to words (phonics), in a truly multisensory method.
  • So not only does the Barton System use the visual modality, but also the motor and auditory processes. It engages these modalities simultaneously, multiple times, throughout every lesson. This locks the targeted instruction into memory. 
  • The Barton System also delivers explicit instruction so students understand the core of the English language – why it work the way it does, why sounds make the sounds they do, and why we spell those sounds as we do using logical spelling rules. This system eliminates confusion about our written language.
  • The Barton System delivers systematic instruction. It provides the foundational knowledge for spoken sounds, then layers the letter knowledge, the knowledge of how letters combine to form units of sound for reading and spelling. Students learn how to read and spell any word, whether they have seen it before or not.
  • The Barton System also improves reading fluency and vocabulary. 
  • When the Barton System teaches longer words, students learn the meaningful parts within those words. Students then separate and recombine those parts to improve their vocabulary (morphology).
  • The Barton System greatly improves reading comprehension. Improving reading accuracy, speed, and vocabulary leads to greatly improved reading comprehension.

2. During the 2020-2021 school year, 19 students attending Valley Springs School District received dyslexia intervention services from a trained dyslexia interventionist.

3. During the 2020-2021 school year, 30 students attending Valley Springs School District were identified as exhibiting the characteristics of dyslexia.

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