Meal Prices & Charge Policy


  • Students-$1.50
  • Adults-$2.15
  • Students-$2.50
  • Adults-$3.65
  • Extra Milk: $.50
(If your child receives free/reduced meals, extra milk is a $.50 charge.)

The district does not provide credit for students to charge for meals, a la carte, or other food and beverage items available for purchase in the school food service areas. Meals, a la carte, or other food and beverage items may be purchased by either providing payment for the items at the time of receipt or by having a prepaid account with the District that may be charged for the items. 

Parents, or students choosing to do so, may pay in advance for meals, a la carte, or other food and beverage items through any of the following methods:
  • Submitting cash or check payment to the classroom teacher, the school office or to the Food Service Director; or
  • Depositing funds through the District’s online service - 

In accordance with Arkansas law, the District allows students whose accounts do not have enough funds to purchase a meal to receive a regular lunch for regular price to be reimbursed to the District. 

The District will notify a student’s parents: 
  • Balances will be sent home on the 1st and the 15th of the each month.  If those dates fall on a weekend, the balances will be sent home on the next school day or the following Monday in Monday’s folders;
  • When the student’s prepaid account has dropped to the point that the student will begin receiving unpaid meals;
  • and after the student has received five (5) unpaid meals.

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