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2022-2023 School Medical Immunization Report

2021-2022 School Medical Immunization Report

2020-2021 School Medical Immunization Report

Arkansas Immunization Requirements

Immunizations requirements ARE THE LAW.  Every child must have received all the vaccines, be in process of receiving needed doses, applied for an exemption for those vaccines that he or she has not received in order to continue attendance in a public school. Any student not in compliance will be excluded from attending public school.

At least 4 doses of DTaP, DTP, DT vaccine with 1 dose on or after the 4th birthday, at least 3 doses of polio vaccine with 1 dose on or after the 4th birthday, 2 doses of MMR vaccine, 2 doses of Varicella vaccine, 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine, and 1 dose of Hepatitis A vaccine.

1st Grade through 12th Grade:
At least 3 or 4 doses of DTaP, DTP, DT, Td or Tdap and 1 dose of Tdap for ages 11 years ( as of September 1st each year) and older. At least 3 doses of polio vaccine, 2 doses of MMR vaccine, 2 doses of Varicella vaccine, 2 or 3 doses of Hepatitis B vaccine depending of the type of vaccine given, 1 dose of Hepatitis A vaccine for 1st grade, 1 or 2 doses of Meningococcal vaccine with 1 dose for 7th grade and 2nd dose at age 16 years (as of September 1st each year). However, if the 1st dose of Meningococcal vaccine is given at age 16 years or older, no 2nd dose is required.

*We can only accept varicella disease diagnosis by a medical professional (MD, APN, DO, PA). Parental report of varicella disease will not be accepted.

If your child needs vaccines please contact your child’s doctor or Boone County Health unit at 870-743-5244, Carroll County Health unit at 870-423-2923, Newton County Health unit at 870-446-2216, Marion County Health unit at 870-449-4259, Searcy County Health unit at 870-448-3374 for an appointment.
News & Alerts

October 18th - Valley Springs School is proud to partner with the American Red Cross by hosting a blood drive from 9:00am-1:00pm in the Gymnasium lobby.  All blood types are needed and each donor will receive a $15.00 ecard to Amazon and a free Tshirt.  Please click the link to register:  Donors will need a form of identification and they can use a student ID/driver's license or transcript to check in.  They need to be 16 years or older & minimum 110lbs.  If they are 16, they will need a parental consent form (Click Here for Form).   Additional height/weight combinations are listed below.  Also, it's helpful the day of the drive (can't be done earlier) if the students/donors have smart phones that they fill out their "Rapid Pass" - it's a link to fill out the health history questions beforehand, and it saves time.  Here is a link to access it:

Student Drop Off/ Pick Up MapHere is the car rider pick up/drop off map.  We tried our best to make it readable.  However, you will see the elementary entrance and Rally Hill Road are are two main entrances/exits.  They look congested.  Just remember to be patient at the beginning of school while we get used to the flow. 

Attention:  A change for this year due to safety concerns is that no cars will be allowed on campus until 3:10 in the afternoon.  This includes Little Red School House and the Preschool.  We had a couple of close calls last year and want to keep all of our students safe.  At 3:10 you will be able to pull up at the normal pick up spot by the old gym. 

We ask that you do not get to campus until 3:10.  Students will not be dismissed until this time.  I would suggest not lining up on the highway, it is a safety concern and the Sheriff's Department and State Police may make you move your vehicle. 

Also, as a reminder, in the morning, students cannot be dropped off until 7:30. 

We look forward to seeing you this week.  Again, these changes are for the safety of our students.

Student Health Form: Click here for link

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