Student Success Plan

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Valley Springs School District
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PO Box 640
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  1. Download the Excel spreadsheet document below.
  2. Open up Google Drive and sign in with student account information.
  3. Click the blue NEW button in upper left corner.
  4. Select “File Upload."
  5. Find the downloaded Excel spreadsheet document in File Explorer and select for upload.
  6. Once uploaded into Google Drive, right-click the document and say “Open with Google Sheets."
  7. Rename the document to “LAST NAME, FIRST NAME – VSHS – Four-Year Plan."
  8. Click the blue SHARE icon in upper right corner.
  9. Enter “” email into the field & choose “can edit” in the drop-down menu.
  10. Add a note, if applicable, then click SEND.
  11. In the document, make edits as needed (Google Drive documents save automatically).


Alert Message

COVID 19 Dashboard

1/21/22:  We look forward to seeing everyone back on campus tomorrow.  Again, if you feel sick or your road is bad, please call 870-302-3045 and let us know.

Students should have completed AMI Packets 1-4 (for dates 1/13/22, 1/14/22, 1/17/22, and 1/20/22)

*Click Here for Elementary School AMI Packets.  Packets can be found under Useful Links (scroll down page).

*Click Here for Middle School AMI Packets.  Packets can be found under Useful Links (scroll down page).

*High School Students will find their assignments on Canvas.

*Click Here for Updated Basketball Schedule
Canceled:  Huntsville JR High Girls Tournament

Home Sr. High Basketball Games Wll Be Live Streamed.  Go To:

Tickets for games played at Valley Springs School District must be purchased in advanced through Ticketleap.

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